Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Abeka Home School Curriculum

While the public and private schooling systems happen to work for a majority of the population, there are still those for whom those establishments are not adequate in one way or the other. While for many years those kids simply had to buck down and go through the process, somewhat recently a new method of teaching adapted to those children was developed: homeschooling. Quickly becoming a phenomenon, the concept of homeschooling spread like wildfire across America prompting a large number of organizations to put out their own curriculum on the market.

While from one point of view having all those options to choose from isn't a bad thing, from another perspective it becomes complicated to actually find the best home school curriculum for your child. While analyzing every single program out there is going to take a lot of time, here is a brief look at a couple of popular homeschooling programs which hopefully will help you make a decision.

A very popular amongst Christians, the Abeka curriculum is a very complete and renowned program with a number of features to boast:

 1.) It aims to integrate ideologies, philosophies and teachings found in the bible into all of their academic teachings

 2.) The list of topics they cover includes: biology, government, grammar & composition, handwriting, history, literature, math, phonics, science, Spanish, video, vocabulary, spelling and poetry.

 3.) It is also worth mentioning that Abeka has a preschool program for three year olds if you feel like getting an early start on the education process.

 4.) As the many customer reviews seem to suggest, Abeka is a very likely candidate for having the best home school curriculum as their program takes great care in helping parents teach hundreds upon hundreds of pages of materials to their children by providing a very comprehensive guidance through a teacher's manual.
While Abeka and Bob Jones are quite popular and many believe them to have the best home school curriculum, there are many other educational establishments, companies and organizations out there who have their own homeschooling program to offer; before making your choice, make sure to know what your options are.

Abeka is a highly recommended Kindergarten Home school Curriculum by many parents that have tried it. What is really unique about this program is that the kits include anything you need in order to learn your child in a proper way. Abeka offers a structured start in Arts & Crafts, Science, Social Studies, Number & Skills and some basic Grammar courses.
Abeka also offers a very competitive price; this is why many parents are attracted by this brand.
Overall, a Kindergarten home school Curriculum yearly course is very important nowadays, as it's a funny and better way to teach your child in the comfort of your home. It is important to choose a curriculum that is not too structured or too strict, as sometimes is much better to go with the flow. Focus mainly on counting drawing, basic reading and some thinking skills, as they will be very useful for your child when he'll grow up.

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